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5 Success Secrets from King Solomon in the Bible


In this article, I will share five key principles from the life of King Solomon, the richest man who ever lived, with a reported wealth of $2.1 trillion in today’s terms. King Solomon ruled over Israel from approximately 970 BCE to 931 BCE and was the son of King David and Bathsheba.

These principles from King Solomon’s life can be valuable guides to help you succeed in your own journey.

1. Seek Wisdom from God

One of the most important secrets to King Solomon’s success as a king, poet, project builder (including the construction of the First Temple in Jerusalem), and businessman was his reliance on God’s infinite intelligence to make wise choices in life. In a well-known section from the Bible (1 Kings 3:5-13), God appeared to Solomon in a dream and offered to grant him anything he desired. Solomon asked for wisdom and discernment to rule justly over his people, rather than requesting wealth, long life, or the death of his enemies. Because of this selfless request, God granted him not only wisdom but also wealth and honor.

We can follow in the footsteps of King Solomon by seeking wisdom from God in all our endeavors. The Bible assures us in James 1:5 that if we ask God for wisdom, He will generously give it to us without finding fault.

2. Learn from Great Examples

Solomon had the privilege of being raised by his father, King David, who was a remarkable figure in Israel’s history. David was known for his military prowess, uniting the nation, establishing Jerusalem as the capital, and having a close relationship with God. Solomon had a great example of greatness in his own family, and he learned valuable lessons from his father’s life.

Similarly, having someone of greatness in our lives—whether it be a family member, mentor, or role model—can be highly beneficial. Being close to someone who has achieved greatness can inspire and guide us on our own path to success. If you lack such an example, consider finding someone you admire and emulate their positive characteristics to achieve similar results, just as Solomon learned from his father.

3. Embrace Continuous Learning

While it’s not explicitly mentioned that Solomon read books, the Bible emphasizes that he was exceedingly wise and knowledgeable. This suggests that he was well-read and educated. Solomon’s wisdom encompassed a wide range of subjects, including literature, international relations, natural history, botany, and more.

Before one can be wise, they must first seek knowledge, for how can they expect to listen to Godly instructions if their mind is devoid of wisdom?”

To succeed in any aspect of life, we must recognize the value of self-education and continuous learning. Expanding our knowledge and understanding various topics can empower us to make informed decisions and apply wisdom effectively.

4. Collaborate and Delegate

Another secret to Solomon’s effectiveness was his willingness to collaborate with others to achieve his objectives. Often, we fail to reach our goals because of pride or a reluctance to ask for help or delegate tasks. In contrast, King Solomon actively sought strategic partnerships and networking opportunities.

For instance, he collaborated with Hiram, the king of Tyre, to build the famous Temple in Jerusalem. He also secured a political alliance with Egypt by marrying the daughter of the Pharaoh. These collaborations helped him achieve his goals and advance his kingdom.

To get ahead in life, we should learn from Solomon’s approach and form strategic partnerships and connections with individuals who can propel us forward.

5. Combine Wisdom with Spiritual Values

The later years of King Solomon’s life serve as a cautionary tale and a warning. Despite his wisdom, he allowed his heart to be turned away from God by marrying foreign wives who worshipped other gods. This downfall highlights that wisdom alone is not enough to secure our spiritual well-being.

Therefore, we should remember that while seeking wisdom and worldly success, we must also nurture our spiritual values and remain connected to Christ.

In conclusion, King Solomon’s life offers valuable insights into achieving success. By seeking wisdom from God, learning from great examples, embracing continuous learning, collaborating with others, and combining wisdom with spiritual values, we can work towards a successful and fulfilling life.


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