Five unique business ideas you can start from home – Build an extra income stream!

Here are five business ideas to choose from; hopefully this helps you on your journey. Remain blessed.

Five unique business ideas 

1. Open e-mail alert

Create software that allows you to find out if someone has opened your email. Ensure that the software is compatible with Gmail and

2. Mailing list subscriber software

Create an online platform that shows you all the mailing lists you are subscribed to, set up an option where they can easily delete the sites they are subscribed to. This tool will be highly useful being that it’s common for companies to subscribe you to their email list without your consent.


3. Bid to dine with influential individuals

Warren Buffett - Lebron James

Users will get the chance to bid against each other to dine with their favorite celebrity. In June 2015 a Chinese gaming company won the auction to have lunch with Warren Buffet for bidding $2.3 million. You can set up a platform where you invite celebrities to set up auctions as well as donate a portion of the earning to a charity of their choice. I believe a hub dedicated to this theme have not been created before.

4. Set up online ecommerce stores

Online shop

Setting up an online shop is arguably one of the most lucrative ways to make an income online. In order to create a successful online business you need the patience to build a brand and sell products with sizeable profit margins, below is the top ten selling internet items according to

  • Women’s apparel
  • Books
  • Computer hardware
  • Apparel
  • Toys / Video games
  • Video DVD’s
  • Health and beauty
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Music
  • Jewelry
  • Office supplies
  • Linens / Home Decor


5. Set up a distribution company


Negotiate a deal with small to medium sized companies overseas to distribute their product to national retailers. Companies will be willing to work on such arrangement on a commission arrangement, but this is fine, if you really believe the product has a high chance of receiving large orders. If you do plan on setting this business, work with companies whose products have already been successful in other territories. If they agree to work with you, ensure they give you your own personal e-mail, so if the companies website is, make sure they set an e-mail for you (Your

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