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Dr. Ben Carson – No one’s brain is better than yours

Watch this inspiring old video footage of top brain surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson as he explains the power of the human mind and how nobody is born smarter than you.

“The person who has the most to do with what happens to you is you, it’s not somebody else. It’s not some outside influence, it’s not some environmental factor, it’s you and the choices that you make and once I realised that, poverty didn’t bother me anymore because I  knew i can change it……….The human brain is the most fabulous organ system in the universe, all human brains are. You know I can tell you as a brain surgeon when I open that scalp and I take off that bone, I’m looking at that brain, I cannot tell whether that brain is from Africa or Scandinavia or Iran or South America because they are all the same.” Dr. Ben Carson


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