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Why Am I Here - Find Your Calling by Sunday Adelaja


Sit back and imagine this scenario, You are 90 years old, in your rocking chair and you never got to accomplish your goals in life. How would you feel and what regrets would you have?

This thought can be terrifying but it’s better to confront the harsh reality now, before it’s too late.

The number one reason why many live in disappointment or find themselves angry with life is because they fail to discover their calling or passion.

If you find yourself in this category, lacking the vision or working in a job you hate, there is still hope for YOU.

Some of the most common words of advice you hear from the world’s most successful people is, find out what you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life again.

If you struggle to identify your niche, passion, or calling, do not be dismayed, but congratulate yourself for landing on this page … you are on this page for a reason.

In “Why Am I Here?” you will receive a practical step-by-step blueprint on how to discover gifts within one week. Sunday Adelaja reveals how he was able to raise lift thousands of leaders from scratch, who are now run successful NGO’s, businesses leaders, personalities, politicians and so much more.

Adelaja makes finding your calling look easy because he has done it time-after-time.

Discover your best self today, gain sky-high confidence and run towards your destiny by listening to these awesome teachings.

Who should listen to “Why Am I Here?”

  • Anyone who lacks motivation in their daily lives
  • Anyone tired of living just to survive
  • Anyone looking to gain clarity over their God-given talents
  • Anyone who are seeking certainty over their calling
  • Anyone who lack decisiveness

Even if you have an inclination of what you were born to do, whether to succeed in business, politics or full-time ministry, this audio series is still highly ideal for you.


What you will learn

  • Discover what you love to do
  • Learn how to turn your passion into an income stream
  • Learn to unlock your potential by focusing on your gifts
  • Find out how to transition from the job you hate to following your passion
  • Learn how to cultivate an impressive work ethic similar to the world’s most successful people
  • Learn techniques on how to harness your talents
  • Live above your potential
  • Build a positive self-image of yourself
  • Cultivate the skills of critical thinking
  • Live a rewarding life

Format: USB And Downloadable (MP3)

Duration: 18 Hours


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Why Am I Here? – Find Your Calling