Words of wisdom – Don’t allow people to devalue you

Words of wisdom from Grantely Morris from on why you should never allow anyone to devalue you.

If we stumbled upon natural diamonds in a wilderness, most of us would ignorantly walk over them and treat them as dirt, having no clue as to their value and how exquisite they would look if expertly cut and polished. Likewise, most people might walk all over you and treat you as dirt, having no clue that you are priceless. Only God sees your true worth because he alone has the astounding expertise to polish you into an exquisite jewel. It matters not what you can do or how others see you. All that matters is the staggering power of God to transform into something of breathtaking beauty what everyone else thinks is a worthless lump.

A diamond is just a piece of rock. It can’t love, talk or think. You cannot eat it, cook with it, hunt with it, keep warm with it, and so for centuries vast numbers of tribal people considered diamonds worthless. A diamond’s worth is based not on what it can do but simply because of what people are willing to pay to have it. You are far more precious to God than tons of diamonds and he paid a far higher price than all the wealth of a million earths – the willing sacrificial death of his holy Son – to have you as his best friend.

Like a huge diamond, your worth is not based on what you do. You are of infinite value because of the infinite price the God of the universe willingly paid for your friendship. And if he has invested so much in you, he will treasure you and cherish you for all eternity.

For your entire life you might have been surrounded by people who were unable to see your value, like primitives who cannot see the value of a diamond. But God’s view of you is astonishingly different.

Who are you going to make your God – your source of truth who determines your self-worth? Will you assign that role to the “ignorant savages” around you, or to the God of infinite wisdom and knowledge who gave his Holy Son for you?

It is not humility to regard oneself as trash; it is an affront to the Lord of glory who sacrificed his very life to exalt us to a status so mind-bogglingly high as to outclass even angels (1 Corinthians 6:3; Hebrews 1:5,14; 1 Peter 1:12). It is nothing short of despicable, ugly pride to forget that we are what we are only through the undeserved mercy of God, but it is equally shameful to forget how much the Lord of lords has done for us and how highly he has exalted us. Yes, without Christ we would be as useless as a withering branch severed from a grapevine, but how dare we think of ourselves as being without Christ when he has sacrificed everything to make us spiritually one with him!

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