Top 20 greatest RG LeTourneau quotes – God’s businessman

Life-changing quotes by the late RG LeTourneau, the prolific pioneer of earthmoving machinery who acquired 300 patents before his death.

1. The Lord knew what he was doing when He gave men eyes to see things in different ways. He knew that it takes all sorts to make a world. – (Source)

2. Failure is never fatal and success is never final. It is persistence that counts.

3. The fact is that we have no right to expect life to be a path of roses, and if it were it would not be good for us.

4. Compile a list of successful men in all walks of life and you will find that all won through by the sweat of their brow.

5. The joy of accomplishment is the greatest joy there is. – (Source)

6. I heard a man tell how the entire office force had prayer together before going to work in the morning and how God blessed the business.

7. Not how much of my money I give to God, but how much of His money I keep for myself.

8. Because I believe God wants business men as well as preachers, I believe a factory can be dedicated to His service as well as a church.

9. We took our problem to our Lord, and felt better about it. You know, a lot of people take their problems to the Lord, and get up and walk away, carrying their problems back with them. Like those who pray for rain, and then go out without an umbrella. If that’s all the faith there is, there is not much point in praying. The Lord can’t help you if you insist on carrying your problems with you. Leave them with Him, and they are no longer yours but His.

10. You will never improve unless you blame yourself for the troubles you have. Then when you realize your troubles are your own, you can take them to the Lord and He will give you guidance. Just don’t make the mistake of asking Him to believe the other fellow was to blame.

11. We need to teach our children the dignity of labor and the pleasure of accomplishment.
Some people think I’m all mixed up — that you can’t serve the Lord and business, too, but that’s just the point. God needs businessmen as partners as well as preachers. . . . – (Source, Mover of Men and Mountains, Autobiography)

12. When you go into partnership with God, you’ve got a Partner closer and more active than any human partner you can ever get. He participates fully in everything you let Him do, and when you start putting on airs, and thinking you’re doing it with your own head of steam, He can set you down quicker and harder than a thunderbolt. There’s nothing dull about being in partnership with God.

13. When a man admits his mistakes, and is willing to learn from them with the Lord’s help, neIf it takes seven days to make a living, you ought to be doing something else.w worlds can open up.

14. America is the most prosperous nation because it is the most productive nation. If it ever ceases to be the most productive, it will cease to be the most prosperous.”

15. When the Lord has a job for you to do, He’ll give you the strength and the ability to do it.

16. The joy of accomplishment, to me, makes long hours and sweating it out worthwhile.

17. The pebbles of knowledge must be bonded together by the cement of experience.

18. Jesus said: ‘Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.’ The standards of living would raise tremendously if we all did just that.

19. We will never have real peace on earth until we give more time and loyalty to the Prince of Peace, or Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

20. Men can’t have what men don’t produce.

21. Love that is forced love is not real love, and God wants our real love.

22. If you make your muscles do a job that is within reason, they will soon get strong enough so it won’t be so hard.

23. I believe faith in the old fashioned gospel of Christ makes better mechanics, better accountants, better salesmen, and better executives.

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