Top 10 reasons why you should go to Church

If your Christian faith is struggling and you’re also not attending a church where you feel welcome and at home, it’s not just a coincidence. Interacting with the body of believers is a vital part of your Christian life and often one of the biggest sources of encouragement a Christian can have.

Check out these top 10 reasons why you should go to church this Sunday, all backed by spiritual truths straight from the Word.

1. According to 1 Corinthians 12:27, all Christians are a part of the body of Christ. Just as life is often difficult for amputees or those born without a limb or eyesight, etc., life can be unnecessarily difficult for those who willingly cut themselves off from the body of Christ. Each part plays a crucial role to living a fulfilling life, and you need those other parts just as they need you, in order to make the body of Christ whole.

2. God uses each of us (1 Cor. 12:7). While it may seem a bit hard to believe at times, especially when we’re feeling down on ourselves or the Enemy is saying we just don’t matter to the Kingdom of God, Christ needs you in order to reach others. Sometimes, all it takes is showing up and being present, for God to work through you, but you’ll never find out until you’re exactly that — present.

3. Every believer has a spiritual gift. Just read the entire chapter of 1 Corinthians 12. While spiritual gifts are as wide and varied as they come, each is vital. Someone else in the body of Christ desperately needs your gift, whether it’s your great sense of humor and ability to make others smile, your gracious nature, your encouraging spirit or your willingness to listen. The list of possible gifts is endless!

4. Just as the early Christian church did in Acts 2, believers find harmony and acceptance when they spend time with other believers. It doesn’t even have to be in a formal setting, just meeting to learn form one another, encourage each other or even just meeting for a meal or coffee can be all it takes to renew and rejuvenate your spirit!

5. Further following the actions of the early church in Acts 2, Christians are called to take care of one another. Going back to the analogy in reason number one, about the body, generally, when one part of the body is in trouble, the entire rest of the body wants to do its part to help. Scrape your knee? Your body isn’t just going to say, “Oh, well, the skin didn’t do its job, so guess we’ll just sit here and watch it bleed out.” No, because the body knows that if even the smallest member is hurt in the right way, the entire body can die. So, everyone pitches in to make things better: blood congeals to form a scab, new cells are created to form a scar and antibodies fight off infections.

6. Life is tough sometimes and, when it starts getting hard, the answer is to draw nearer to both God and His people, not away. Paul points out in Hebrews 10:25 those who fall off the church wagon, and warns his readers to continue meeting, and meet more and more often as the returning of Christ becomes nearer.

7. There are plenty of ups and downs to life, and there are lots of times when you’ll need to seek advice and good influence. Even if you’re not a kid anymore, the old saying still stands that you become your friends. If you’re not hanging out with your Christian friends enough, you’re not getting the encouragement, advice and influence you need (Romans 12:15).

8. Sometimes it seems that the only thing that can make things better is a comforting embrace from God the Father. While that’s not really possible (yet!), He does at least provide the comfort He wants to give us through His other children (2 Cor. 1:3-4), which can make all the difference.

9. If you’re not spending enough time with your family, you lose touch and you lose a feel for the way your family does things. The Church is one giant family, and every believer has his or her place at the table. There’s no need to feel uncomfortable or out of place, because you’re with, you guessed it, family (Phil. 1:2).

10. The most important aspect of Christ and the most importance aspect of the Christian lifestyle is love. From it, all other virtues and goodness springs. When we display God’s love to those around us, our Christian siblings, we see the closest thing possible to God and His love in the world (1 John 4:12).


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