Top 10 highest paid jobs you can do from home

Many individuals today yearn to find flexible jobs that allow them to work from the comfort of their homes.

This is ideal especially for those current in employment who are frustrated with commuting to work on a daily basis. Travelling to work every day is tiring all by itself.

If you find yourself looking job that gives you the stability to work in your pyjamas, you’ve come to the right place. ‘Aflux media’ compiled a video of ten high paid jobs that allow you to work from home.


  1. Tax preparer – Median salary: $31,000
  2. Graphic designer – Median salary: $42,000
  3. Public Relations Specialist – Median salary – $51,000
  4. Writers and author – Median salary – $55,000
  5. Post-secondary teacher – Median salary – $59,000
  6. Market and survey researcher – Median salary – $61,000
  7. Registered nurse -Median salary – $62,000
  8. Computer software engineer – Median salary – $85,000
  9. Financial manager – Median salary – $99,000
  10. Physician and radiologist – Median salary – $186,000


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