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Keys To Breaking Demonic Strongholds

Every minute of the day destinies are being destroyed, families wrecked and evil propagated in society. Unfortunately, a large majority of Christians live in bondage and perpetual defeat – oppressed under principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness of this age.

It’s tragic that those who are highly favored and blessed live life in a state of paralysis. It’s a shame that those that are armored with weapons to fight against the enemy remain prey due to ignorance.

In this audio/video series Pastor Sunday Adelaja breaks down step-by-step principles on how to overcome spiritual attacks, win in spiritual warfare and activate God-given power.

Pastor Sunday is more than qualified in this field.

Born in the village of Idomila, Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria. In his adolescence he lost three prominent members within 6 months to witchcraft. He went from cutting wood to survive in the farm in Nigeria to at age 19 receiving a scholarship to study in the former Soviet Union to build the largest church in Europe at the age of 33 against all odds. With God Has the foundation he was able to do the impossible in the face of communism, prejudice, and spiritual opposition.

Through his ministry, thousands of down-and-outs have been delivered from satanic oppression. Over 100,000 free from destructive strongholds including the bondage of drugs and alcohol.


What to expect 

– Gain victory over Satan and begin to stand tall.

– Effectively use weapons of spiritual warfare to silence the voice of the enemy.

– Learn how to break down mental strongholds that hold you back.

– Discover the tricks and tactics of the enemy.

– Access your potential and gain authority over Satan.

– Break down barriers of thoughts that limit you.

– Gain deliverance from mental attacks.

– Set yourself up to achieve beyond your God-given potentials.

– Live in joy and happiness.

Bonus – The keys to Victory in Prayer

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The Secrets of Victory in Spiritual Warfare