Twelve practical ways to stay focused – Say goodbye to procrastination!

Twelve simple tips to keep you focused throughout the day.

Priority for a Christian: Start off your day with a prayer, Thank God for giving you life, then ask Him to direct your steps.

1. Exercise

Taking a 10-20 minute walk or jog can put you in a positive state of mind immediately.

2. Get clearly excited about what you want.

Having a precise goal that you are committed to achieving, this will keep you motivated to work and not be idle.

3. Create to-do lists.

Writing down a list of ‘things to do’ will help prioritize which tasks you must execute to ultimately reach your goals.

4. Create a what not to-do list.

Writing a ‘What Not To Do’ list is a powerful way to make sure you don’t go backwards by falling victim to lousy habits.

5. Cut out distractions.

Ensure that you disable the usage of any distractions that can take hold of your valuable time. (Common distraction – Facebook, Twitter, phone calls and e-mails).

6. Compile a list of the consequences of not focusing.

Understand the painful consequences of not following your plan, then remind yourself of the long-term pleasures of staying on track.

7. Set deadlines for yourself.

Setting deadlines will boost your sense of urgency and speed up your progression.

8. Chunk your workload.

The main reason people procrastinate is due to overwhelming amount of work they undertake, the key to solving this problem is to break tasks into smaller chunks.

9. Take little breaks

Working non-stop is not effective; take mini-breaks that will help refresh your mind and work at your best.

10.Go the extra mile

Put in more hours, more effort and concentration in accomplishing your daily tasks to stretch your mental and physical capacity.

11.Avoid food that makes you sleepy. (Eat healthy)

Take the time out to seek and invest in brain food that makes you sharp and alert.

12.Treat yourself

Reward yourself every day for having a successful day. Take a moment to relax with whatever suits you.

Relevant Bible verse: 

Hebrew 12:11 – No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.


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