27 inspirational Christine Caine quotes – How to live victoriously

Inspirational quotes by Australian activists and evangelist, Christine Caine. Find out how to live victoriously in Christ.

1. “Life is too short, the world is too big and God’s love is too great to live ordinary.”

2. “When we feed our faith, we starve our doubts.”

3. “We have a lot of leaders that want to change the world, but don’t want to change themselves!”

4. “To step into tomorrow’s possibilities you must let go of yesterday’s realities. Be careful of your choices between what was, is and will be. It is very hard to fully step into your destiny while you are still holding on to your history.”

5. “Don’t allow any set back to become bigger than your come back.”

6. “If you are marked by God, you don’t need to be marketed by man.”

7. “We need to stop making what people did to us bigger than what Jesus did for us.”

8. “Your talent will open the door but only your character can keep you there.”

9. “Our faith is really proven in the way we talk to ourselves. The loudest human voice you will listen to is your own. Choose your words wisely.”

10. “Just as God gave Moses exactly what he needed to accomplish great things, he will equip us in the same way. If he calls us to slay giants, he will make us into giant slayers.”

11. “Fulfilling our destiny and realizing our potential all begins in our mind. That’s why the devil tries to bombard our thinking.”

12. “We ought to be ruthless about what goes into our minds, but most of us are filling our minds with junk to escape when we need to fill our minds with the right stuff.”

13. “Most of us, even as leaders, we don’t think about what we’re thinking about. We just jump on the first train of thought that comes and we end up depressed, weary and anxious because we’re not taking captive our thoughts.”

14. “I am astounded by how many start but don’t finish.”

15. “Thoughts are like a train, they’ll take us somewhere. Protect by filling with the word of God.”

16. “God loves it when His children pray BIG, BOLD PRAYERS. Don’t be afraid to ask your Father for anything!”

17. “Nothing about my birth – or yours – was random or accidental. I was born for this time – and so were you. We were each chosen for a particular, cosmically important task that can be done by no one else.”

18. “If you commit yourself to living according to His Word your potential will be unlocked, and in time, what may look small now will grow into something significant.”

19. “If you commit yourself to living according to His Word your potential will be unlocked, and in time, what may look small now will grow into something significant.”

20. “When there is a fight between your heart and your head, experience has taught me that the best thing you can do is pick up your Bible and remind yourself of what God says.”

21. “We must refute the lies of the enemy with the truth of God’s Word.”

22. “So often we look at our own limitations instead of everything that’s possible with God. Impossible is where God starts.”

23. “You need to return to the truth of God’s Word that will last forever, not meditate on circumstance that will fade and change.

24. “The church isn’t reaching the world because it’s too busy keeping Christians on life support.”

25. “Praying the sinners prayer does not heal you. It saves you…”

26. “We don’t expect our bodies to be instantly changed, so why would you think your soul would be?”

27. “If our core is not strong—whether it happens now, 5 years from now or 25 years from now—our world is going to collapse. The reason why you see so many start well but not finish well is because their core is not strong.”

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