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20 prayer points about the Holy Spirit

We’ve compiled a list of 20 prayer points to help focus you mind on the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

1. Father Lord thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

2. Spirit of the Living God come upon me in Jesus name.

3. Anointing of truth from the Spirit of God come upon my life.

4. Holy Spirit be my guide all day long in Jesus name.

5. Holy Spirit God lead me into deeper truths about the Kingdom.

6. Spirit of the Living God, fill me with hope and joy and peace.

7. Spirit Divine, I make myself available for your tutelage and directions.

8. Spirit of disobedience, you shall not operate in my life in Jesus name.

9. Whatever is in me that will resist the Holy Spirit, I purge you away right now in Jesus name.

10. Spirit divine, please open my eyes to your leadership and urgings in Jesus name

11. My mind receive direction from the Spirit of God in Jesus name

12. Incubate my mind oh Spirit of God so that I make right decisions always.

13. Incubate my mind Lord that I may only think of things that are good and holy.

14. I receive guidance from the Spirit of the Lord on all aspects of my life in Jesus name

15. I shall not grieve the Holy Spirit with any form of disobedience in Jesus name

16. I decree that I shall be led in all matters, minor or major by the Spirit of the Lord.

17. Spirit of the Lord lead me away from losses, danger and misfortune in Jesus name

18. Spirit of God lead me into abundance of wealth in Jesus name.

19. Spirit Of God, descend on me. Make righteous living easy for me.

20. Spirit of God, descend on followers of Christ around the globe. Guide those that need guidance, comfort those that need comforting and heal those that need healing.


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