How to choose the right business mentor

The right mentor is an invaluable resource for reaching your goals at a faster pace.

Having the assistance of someone who has already achieved your aspirations can be a real stepping stone to your progress.

A good mentor can advise you on the potential pitfalls, from how to save you time and money. Consider a mentor like a coach, pushing you and showing you the most effective tools to succeed.

If you decide to find a mentor, make sure you use their expertise to the maximum. A common mistake that people make with a mentor is asking for generic advice that can easily be found anywhere. For example, asking “How do I become successful?” Asking a question like this will surely get you generic answer like “Never give up.” Instead, utilize your mentor by asking empowering questions that can empower you like, “Who are two individuals you know, that can benifit from the services I have on offer?. Never be shy to ask for their connections and resources, because, if they want you to succeed, they will not mind giving you a helping hand.

These days finding a mentor is not as difficult as it used to be. With the invention of the Internet, you can practically Google your requirement of a mentor; from what industry they are in to which location they are based.

Steps to finding the right mentor  

1. Gain clarity on what you aim to achieve.

2. Write down a list of your weaknesses, where you most need assistance and guidance.

3. Write down the characteristics of a mentor that will be most suitable for you, for example if you aim to start your own importing business, it may be ideal to find a mentor in the importing and exporting arena.

4. Make it a habit to attend networking events that is most likely to have the calibre of mentors you are looking for.

5. Search online for mentorship program’s – (Check out platforms like

6. Investigate to find out if there is anyone locally that can mentor you.

7. Request to interview someone you admire within your field, this is a great way to build business relationships.


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