Five Things You Shouldn’t Include In Your Resume

Don’t do these things on your resume if you want to be a success – read on and learn.

  1. Photographs.

The purpose of submitting a resume is to draw attention to your previous work experience, your skills, and your accomplishments — not to show employers what you look like. Even though images play a key role in today’s society, you should avoid adding them to your resume. That way, the person reviewing it can focus solely on the content without any distractions.

  1. Personal Accomplishments.

Your resume should focus on your work history or your education – not your personal life. For example, if you received an award at your last job for your commendable performance, you can include it on your resume. If you won a trophy at an unrelated sporting event, however, you should not include that information.

  1. Unnecessary Details.

When putting together your resume, avoid adding any details that don’t directly relate to the job that you are applying for. Someone submitting a resume for an electrical engineering job, for instance, doesn’t need to include information about their part-time summer job working at an ice cream parlor. Any volunteer work that doesn’t specifically relate to the open position should also be excluded. There is an argument stating that references aren’t necessary. Read more on why you should not include references

  1. Information From The Distant Past.

Employers are usually only interested in what you have been up to for the past decade or two. Any jobs that you had in the distant past probably shouldn’t be included, even if they are closely related to the type of work that the position entails. Of course, there are a few exceptions. If you obtained a degree, won a major award, or had a high-ranking job in a related field, you should always include that information, no matter how old it is.

  1. Information related to religion or politics.

Few subjects are as emotionally-charged as politics or religion. There is no telling whether the person reading your application will agree with your views on either of those topics. To avoid having them view your resume through a biased lens, don’t include any of this type of information.


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