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20 prayer points for overcoming fear

20 prayer points for overcoming faith.

Meditate and affirm these prayer points below then go out and act in faith.

1. Because the Lord is my shield and exceeding great reward spirit of fear be far for me. Gen 15:1

2. Because the Lord is with me I will fear no evil. (Psalm 23)

3. Fear I overcome you in Jesus name because the Lord is with me.

4. Because of the promises of God I will not be moved by man or circumstances.

5. The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not fear for He will defend me.

6. Fear, hear the word of the Lord depart from me and be gone in Jesus name.

7. The Lord has chosen me therefore I shall not fear. Isaiah 43:1

8. I shall not be afraid because my God is the Rock of Ages.

9. Fear is not of God therefore I rebuke it out of my life.

10. Lord, help my faith and drive away fear from my heart.

11. My heart, receive faith and reject fear in Jesus name.

12. Fear about provisions, haven’t you heard that the Lord is my provider? Be silenced now.

13. By God’s grace it is only the Lord I will fear and only Him will I put my trust.

14. Powers shooting arrows of fear into my heart, you have misfired I ask your arrow to backfire and go back to its owners in Jesus name.

15. Agents of fear, I slay you with the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God.

16. Fear loose you hold upon every area of my life in Jesus name.

17. Fear of the unknown is not my portion in Jesus name.

18. River of fear flowing through me, dry up in Jesus name.

19. River of fear trying to take my gaze away from Jesus, I command you to dry up.

20. When I go out and when I come in, the Lord is with me therefore fear about my protection be banished in Jesus name.


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