10 essential John Bevere quotes – “Christianity is not a sprint but an endurance run”

10 essential quotes by best-selling author, minister and founders of Messenger International. Be encouraged to live a victorious life in Christ.

John Bevere quotes

1. “Absolutely no man, woman, child, or devil can ever get you out of the will of God! No one but God holds your destiny.” – John Bevere

2. “Physical growth is a function of time. No two-year-old child has ever been six feet tall. Intellectual growth is a function of learning. Spiritual growth is neither a function of time or learning, but it is a function of obedience.” – John Bevere

3. “When you live for the will of God, you will not fulfill the desires of men. As a result, you will suffer in the flesh.” – John Bevere

4. “When we seek to correct the wrong done to us, we set ourselves up as a judge.” – John Bevere

5. “Do not be afraid to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal any unforgiveness or bitterness. The longer you hide it, the stronger it will become and the harder your heart will grow. Stay tenderhearted.” – John Bevere

6. “Christianity is not a sprint but an endurance run. Therefore it is not how we start the race that counts, but how we complete it. How we finish is determined by the choices we make, and those are often formed by patterns we develop along the way.” – – John Bevere

7. “If we don’t risk being hurt, we cannot give unconditional love. Unconditional love gives others the right to hurt us.” – John Bevere

8. “The man or woman who doesn’t forgive has forgotten the price that Christ paid for them on the Cross.” – John Bevere

9. “Grace gives us the power to live, and mercy keeps us free from guilt, condemnation, and shame.” – John Bevere

10. “We don’t want to merely obey God: we need to catch His heart. It is then we will glimpse the wisdom behind His directives, and not just see them as laws.” – John Bevere

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