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The Pastor who raised from scratch reveals his secrets!

Dr. Sunday Adelaja is not your traditional pastor; he is known for, throughout his life throwing conventional wisdom on its head; He was responsible for raising over 200 millionaires in less than three years. Many of the people who were regarded as down-and-outs and the rejects of society, got their lives turned around incredibly.

Before raising 200 millionaires, he himself personally challenged himself to make his first million dollars in 2 years; instead he achieved that milestone in 9 months, and this happened without church funds or even starting a business, but solely through passive income streams. In this audio series Adelaja gives insight on why the poor remain poor and the rich get richer.

In this audio guide Dr. Sunday Adelaja reveals how you too can achieve financial success.


When people of God are empowered financially, they can easily pursue their God-given ambitions, goals, and purposes. Many people have dreams and aspirations that are not fulfilled because of a lack of money.”

Dr. Sunday Adelaja

Get Empowered Along Your Journal To Financial Breakthrough – Discover: 

  • How to build multiple income streams and pay off your debts at the same time. 
  • Insight on why it’s beneficial for you to become a millionaire for the advancement of the gospel. 
  • How to break free from the enslavement of the corporate system.
  • How to prosper despite living in a country with a declining economy.
  • How Dr Sunday Adelaja was able to become a millionaire working 4 hours a week in 9 months using the 80/20 principle rule.
  • Discover how he created a system that created 200 millionaires, turning broken individuals into powerful leaders.
  • Why you must escape being a wage slave to soar financially  and fulfil your passion.

Discover The Secrets Of The Top 3% Elite

We have all been blessed with 24 hours a day. The only difference between you and the most financial successful is the understanding and application of the laws of money. 

“An entrepreneur knows what know one knows, that’s the secret to success for an entrepreneur.” – Femi Otedola (Estimate worth $1Billion US) 

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This Master of Money workbook PDF will help direct you to your new financial destination. 

"The best teachings on finances so far. Practical and see results within days."

Monthly Review Updates: What are Some Customers Saying?

United Kingdom
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Interesting teaching. The product was delivered on time. I am going through the audio messages. So far, very good compilation. I am impressed with DSA teaching on this topic.
Marilyn Marshall
Houston County, Georgia
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Very insightful and practical ways to prosper financially. I've already seen a growth in my finances within the first month. Hopefully i can keep up the progress.
Daniel M.
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Epic stuff. Thanks!
Charles Mondu (Youth pastor)
South Africa
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We are taught that those within the faith are suppose to poor, WHAT A LIE!!!!!!!!! Audio is really refreshing plus I've almost completed the workbook.
Shopify guest
London, United Kingdom
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Fast download with PDF workbook - now ready to go. Not yet started

The Authors Accolades: Dr Sunday Adelaja 

  • Built the largest church in Europe by the age of 33 despite being black in a foreign land (Ukraine)
  • Transformed the lives of 200 down-and-outs into millionaires through his economic empowerment program
  •  Responsible for planting 766 churches across the globe
  • Setup 138 rehabilitation centres for drug addicts and alcoholics
  •  Over 40,000 addicts free from addiction
  • Spoke at the United Nations,United States Senate, Israeli parliament and Japanese parliament
  • Received worldwide press coverage on platforms such as BBC, Forbes, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and more.
Picture of Dr. Sunday Adelaja with founder of Virgin Richard Branson.

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Master of Money – The Secrets of Wealth Creation