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Learn the hidden Secrets to Wealth creation by Dr Sunday Adelaja who raised 200 millionaires in 3 years.

Discover The Secrets: Find out how to quit the job your hate, build passive income streams and pursue your passion.

Sunday Adelaja - Teaching 1

Dr. Sunday Adelaja is not your traditional pastor; he is known for, throughout his life throwing conventional wisdom on its head; He was responsible for raising over 200 millionaires in less than three years. Many of the people who were regarded as down-and-outs and the rejects of society, got their lives turned around incredibly.

Before raising 200 millionaires, he himself personally challenged himself to make his first million dollars in 2 years; instead he achieved that milestone in 9 months, and this happened without church funds or even starting a business, but solely through passive income streams.

Discover the financial secrets of the top 3% 


People who have wealth but lack understanding are like the beasts that perish.” – Psalm 49:20

In the Master of Money, Dr Sunday Adelaja shares his tried and tested step-by-step blueprint on how anyone can achieve financial freedom through understanding the dictates of money.

You too can break free from the habit of just making a living and surviving to being financial free, to work on your calling and fulfil your God-given passion. 

What you will learn: 

  • How to prosper despite living in a country with a declining economy. 
  • How Dr Sunday Adelaja was able to become a millionaire working 4 hours a week in 9 months using the 80/20 principle rule.
  • Why you should avoid Forex trading.
  • Discover how he created a system that created 200 millionaires, turning broken individuals into powerful leaders.
  • Why you must escape being a wage slave to soar financially  and fulfil your passion.
  • How to build multiple income streams and pay off your debts at the same time. 
  • Insight on why it’s beneficial for you to become a millionaire for the advancement of the gospel. 
  • How to break free from the enslavement of the corporate system. 

Sunday Adelaja - Teaching

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Master of Money – The Secrets of Wealth Creation