Stop wasting time! – Why you must eliminate procrastination in your life

Do you waste time or use it wisely.

Imagine how many hours the life span of an 80-year old would constitute. Do you know that 80 years on earth is approximately 700,000 hours? It’s not that long if you think about it, but can it be enough if you use it wisely?

If we were given the assignment to name a few of life’s most precious gifts, arguably ‘time’ would be included amongst other significant factors such as oxygen. Unfortunately, many of us take this invaluable gift for granted, because like oxygen, we are not required to pay financially for it.

I’ve learned to understand that anything that’s beneficial for personal growth, for instance; the unlimited supply of drinking water at our reach; access to infinite knowledge at the touch of a button; or, time at our disposal should not be taken lightly; they are blessings from God. Whatever we take for granted we fail to receive the maximum results from.

My encounters with countless successful individuals in various fields, from business to sports to even the Church ministry, have all had one common denominator: the treatment of time as a scarce and valuable resource. In comparison, I also realised that the so-called “unlucky” spend their time as if it was in infinite supply.

If you want to fulfil your God-given mandate you must value your time.
To be impactful in society, you must learn to invest your time wisely because, even though we may not be born with the same advantages in life, we all are given the same 24 hours a day and what we do in those 24 hours shapes our future.

Extracted from – Occupy Till I Come – Modern Day Testimonies Of Movers and Shakers

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