Pat Robertson success quotes – Keys to building a media empire!

Insightful business quotes by media mogul and the founder of Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson.

  • When we started, there was no money available for us. I bought a bag of soybeans – 70 pounds for two dollars – and we literally lived on soybeans. We just didn’t have any money to spend. Everything was devoted to getting the Christian Broadcasting Network underway. My first year, total income was $8,000 for the whole enterprise. Second year it was $20,000. And now our income is in the $600 to $700 million range. So it does grow. You bet.
  • Mr Robertson has been instrumental in spreading the gospel across the globe with his international broadcasting empire also he’s created many successful business including International Family Entertainment, which he sold to Fox Kids in 1997 for $1.9 billion.
  • The reason we have debt in this country is real simple. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. It is that we want it now. That’s the definition of lust. We want it now. We want a bigger house than we have, and we want it now. We want fancy furniture, we want it now. We want new clothes, and we want them now. We want fancy restaurant meals, and we want them now. We want a vacation cruise, and we want it now.
  • Perhaps you have a small amount of money. Why not use it to make more money? If you can begin an investment program where you can set aside $100 or $200, and then $400, pretty soon, you will have $800. After a while, the money will begin to work for you. The law of use and the law of compounding interest will begin to build up an enormous amount of money. If a person could simply double $100 every year for twenty years, it would become $50 million!
  • Neither money nor personal finance is a club open only to those of select caste. The knowledge is available to anyone wise enough to seek it.
  • The Bible says this is simple. “The borrower is the servant of the lender.” Except the word really is “slave.” “The borrower is the slave of the lender.” The Bible also says, “Owe no man anything save love.” That’s all you are supposed to owe. We have a debt of love to everybody. But we are not supposed to be in debt otherwise, because debt is bondage.
  • Diligent planning is a cornerstone for successfully managing personal finances.
  • God shapes every circumstance for good for them who love Him, every circumstance; there is no such thing as a bad day for a Christians.
  • Agree to live by God’s principles and seek to know what He has to say to you in your situation. Be absolutely honest about the faults and mistakes in your life, past or present that may have caused your problem of debt. To escape trouble, you must know what put you there.
  • Money, after all, is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Your ultimate success and happiness will not be measured by how much money you have at death, but by how much good you have done with your money while you are alive.
  • When finance is measured in billions and trillions, a million is really not that much money in this day. Second, it cannot possibly bring lasting satisfaction. Third, it introduces a level of complexity into an average person’s life for which he or she is not truly ready. Fourth, it merely replaces a longing for money with the fear of losing it. Fifth, it induces greed.
  • If you want to succeed as a worker, a businessman, or in any field, give generously of yourself, your time, and your energy. If you are generous, openhanded, and openhearted, you will get back more. That is the law of reciprocity.
  • If you give to God, He gives back thirty, sixty and one hundredfold.

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