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The mission of this global platform is to provide ambitious individuals with the resources and knowledge to reach new dimensions in life.

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We believe that non-stop learning is essential to winning in any capacity of life; this is why our members are encouraged to learn from each other by sharing your individual’s experiences and insights.

Proverbs 13:20 – Walk with the wise and become wise, for companion of fools suffers harm.

Who should join? Anyone:

  • Looking to find an accountability partner to keep them on track of their goals.
  • Looking to succeed in business without comprising their faith.
  • In need of a role model to guide them towards their goals.
  • Looking to expand their network.
  • Looking to find new business opportunities.

What type of activities to expect:

  • Business events
  • Barnstorm sessions
  • Networking workshops
  • Formulating accountability partners
  • Google Hangouts
  • Focus groups
  • Toast makers

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  • Kirk Booher

    Great concept. Lets make it happen.

  • smartandrelent

    Thanks for your kind feedback!!!

  • Kirk Booher

    My pleasure…good work here…i have been doing short devos on ‘Pondering Psalms and Proverbs’…you can see in my FB wall…if you like I am happy to share…I really like a lot of the content here…the 17 famous Christians and so forth…and love the Christian mastermind concept…I am member of ‘Truth at Work’ roundtable, might wanna check that out…Shalom