Could this be the greatest Christian rap song of all time?

Incredible Rap song about God’s creation by British lyricist, Dwayne Tryumf.

Many of us needs to follow his footsteps and glorify God with our talents.

Song title – 777 Intro


Livin’ n driven
Given a vision
Fulfillin’ the commission
With spiritual intuition
People ya need ta listen
Remember in the beginning
The Word was livin’ within Him
The Seraphim an da singin’
He said that suttns’ still missin’
He wanted someone to bring Him
An offerering that was willin’
Not someone who was servin’ Him
Jus cause He was tellin’ em
So He made a planet
An put a man in it
To manage it
An replenish it
An made a garden fa fellowship
Now the devil was jealous
An Genesis doesn’t tell us this
But Isaiah 14 gives us the parenthesis
The former glory
Lucifer was given
Was taken n given
To Adam n Eve
Cause of vanity
Satan knew that Adam was the seed of humanity
An if he could get him to sin that would cause a calamity
So he devised a plan
To get at the man
Through the woman
Cause he knew he couldn’t fool Adam
Now he’s speakin’ ta Eve
Tellin’ her to eat
From da tree of da knowledge of good and evil
To make her equal wid da Most High
But if ya equal wid da Most High
Den He wouldn’t be da Most High, a lie?
Any way back to da case
Adam an Eve were disgraced
An from da garden of Eden
Adam an Eve were displaced
Dis is da reason why God an man are now separate
An it’s da reason for da evil das in da world today
But God had a plan to make a second Adam
To be born of a woman who never slep with a man
Gentle jus like a Lamb but conquering like a Lion
Greater than Abraham, the call Him The Great I AM
He was Da Word in eternity past
He was the Let there be Light that the Father and the Spirit spoke at he start
He’s still livin’ today so why do so many deny Him?
When He comes back He’ll be bringin’ thunder an lightning!


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