Top 40 inspirational Bill Johnson quotes

Top 40 inspirational quotes Bill Johnson, the senior and fifth-generation Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California.

He is known for preaching sermons focused on Holy Spirit gifts, mind renewal and manifestations in everyday life. Bill Johnson is also an author with popular books within the Christian community such as God is Good, When Heaven Invades Earth, The Essential Guide to Healing and many more.

40 Bill Johnson Quotes

1. “Jesus did not command us to pray for the sick. He commanded us to heal them.” – Bill Johnson

2. “If you knew who God made you to be, you’d never want to be anyone else.” – Bill Johnson

3. “The only true worship is extreme worship, and only extreme worship brings extreme results – transformation.” – Bill Johnson

4. “Don’t let your past dictate your future.” – Bill Johnson

5. “God is not pre-occupied with sin, He’s already dealt with it.” – Bill Johnson

6. “Divine favor causes you to rise to the top in your sphere of influence, and the reality is that favor can be recognized more easily is your start at the bottom.” – Bill Johnson

7. “If you don’t live by the praise of men you won’t die by their criticism.” – Bill Johnson

8. “God wants people to meet Him when they meet us.” – Bill Johnson

9. “People follow courage, not titles.” – Bill Johnson

10. “It is unnatural for a Christian not to have an appetite for the impossible.” – Bill Johnson

11. “Our refusal to fear reminds the devil that he is finished!” – Bill Johnson

12. “We’ve not been assigned to hang out until He returns ”we’ve been given a message and a power that completely revolutionizes life. Why would anyone want to get up in the morning and not shape the course of world history?” – Bill Johnson

13. “The Bible was meant to be read by those in love. It’s sad when it’s not.” – Billl Johnson

14. “Jesus didn’t accomplish everything so that you could accomplish nothing.” – Bill Johnson

15. “People of excellence will always be brought before people of influence.” – Bill Johnson

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16. “Skills can be taught. It’s tough to teach heart. Talent is fairly common.” – Bill Johnson

17. “When you’re willing to do what you’re unqualified to do, that’s what qualifies you.” – Bill Johnson

18. “Anyone who knows who God made them to be will never try to be someone else.” – Bill Johnson

19. “To have divine favor on your life means you’ll attract extraordinary opposition.” – Bill Johnson

20. “Through radical generosity, we are awakening in people an in built divine consciousness of His goodness.” – Bill Johnson

21. “Unbelief is safe, because it takes no risk and almost always gets what it expects.” – Bill Johnson

22. “If you live cautiously, your friends will call you wise. You just won’t move many mountains.” – Bill Johnson

23. “Automatically thinking ‘everything that happens is God’s will’ is a lazy way to live. We live in a war. Jesus wasn’t fighting the Father’s will when He raised the dead.” – Bill Johnson

24. “Because God is better than we think we have to change the way we think.” – Bill Johnson

25. “The way you silence fear is to give attention to faith.” – Bill Johnson

26. “Faith is not opposed to the mind. It’s superior to the mind which is why the renewed mind enhances faith.” – Bill Johnson

27. “The mind is either at war with God or it is being renewed. There is no middle ground.” – Bill Johnson

28. “When Jesus performed miracles, he wasn’t demonstrating what God can do, but what God can do through a man.” – Bill Johnson

29. “The biggest enemy to prayer is praying for something you already have.” – Bill Johnson

30. “The most simple way to stay encouraged is to feed your heart on what He is doing, not on what He hasn’t done. If you can’t see what He is doing, feed on what He has done in the past.” – Bill Johnson

31. “Bible study without Bible experience is pointless.” – Bill Johnson

32. “My destiny is to go to heaven, my responsibility is to bring heaven.” – Bill Johnson

33. “Great faith doesn’t come out of great effort, but out of great surrender.” – Bill Johnson

34. “You know your mind is renewed when the impossible looks logical.” – Bill Johnson

35. “The kingdom of God must never be reduced to talk, ideas and principles. The kingdom of God is power.” – Bill Johnson

36. “We don’t believe because we understand. We understand because we believe.” – Bill Johnson

37. “Perfectionism is the counterfeit of excellence. Excellence is Kingdom, while perfectionism is religion. What ever you do, do it with all you might, and as unto the Lord. That is excellence.” – Bill Johnson

38. “There’s something about valuing people not because they value you, but because you can see God in them.” – Bill Johnson

39. “In order to have a peace that surpasses all understanding, you have to give up your right to understand.” – Bill Johnson

40. “If you believe you will not be free from sin until you die,you have just made death your savior instead of Jesus.” – Bill Johnson

41. “It is INCONSISTENT to have Jesus pay a price for healing and for us to believe it is not Gods intention to heal.” – Bill Johnson

42. “Now is the time to Start a Normal Christian Life!” – Bill Johnson

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